Bury residents will be able to vote in the local elections today, Thursday. 

One third of the 51 council seats will be contested at the elections, one in each of the 17 wards in the borough.

The council is reminding people to bring photographic ID to be able to vote at the polling station.

The stations will be open from 7am to 10pm.

Residents should have received a polling card, which states where their polling station is.

The results of the borough elections will be announced tomorrow afternoon, Friday.

Here is the full list of candidates standing in the Bury elections:


Cameron Fay - Green Party

Stephen Morris - English Democrats - "Putting England First"

Antonello Riu - Conservative and Unionist Party

Lucy Catherine Smith - Labour and Co-operative Party

Martyn John West – Independent

Bury East

Christopher Edward Baron - Conservative and Unionist Party

Kevin Cadwallader - Reform UK

Ummrana Farooq - Labour Party

Lauren Hutchinson - Green Party

Stephen Thomas Lewis - Liberal Democrats

Bury West

Shahbaz Mahood Arif - Conservative and Unionist Party

Adnan Chaudhry - Labour Party

Jacqui Connor - Green Party


Andrew Paul Luxton - Conservative and Unionist Party

Charlotte Elizabeth Morris - Labour Party

Michelle Suzanne Sampson - Green Party

Raymond Martin Solomon – Independent


Geoffrey Baron - The Conservative and Unionist Party

Peter Curati - Green Party

Valarie Morris - English Democrats - "Putting England First"

Lynn Barbara Ryder - Labour Party

Steven David Wright - Liberal Democrats


Samia Farid - Conservative and Unionist Party

Victor Cromwell Hagan – Independent

Babar Ibrahim - Labour Party

Karen Lesley Wood - Green Party

North Manor

Charlie Allen - Green Party

Ewan James Arthur - Liberal Democrats

Khalid Hussain - Conservative and Unionist Party

John Damian Southworth - Labour Party

Pilkington Park

David Foss - Liberal Democrats

Nick Jones - Conservative and Unionist Party

Dan Ross - Communist Party of Britain

Michael Jack Rubinstein - Labour Party

Chlöe Charlotte Thomas - Green Party

Shadman Zaman – Independent

Radcliffe East

Carol Bernstein - Conservative and Unionist Party

Sally-Ann McGill - Labour Party

Heather Jane Sharples - Green Party

Mary Walsh - Radcliffe First

Radcliffe North and Ainsworth

Richard Neil Jameson - Labour Party

Gary Joseph Kirkley - Green Party

Jo Lancaster - Conservative and Unionist Party

Ken Simpson - Radcliffe First

Radcliffe West

Shirley Balfour - Conservative and Unionist Party

Josh Harcup - The Labour Party

Mary Christine Heath - Green Party

Kamran Islam - Liberal Democrats

Mike Smith - Radcliffe First


Martyn Aidan Bristow - Liberal Democrats

Waleed Hamdan - Green Party

Gareth Edward Staples-Jones - Labour Party

Ian Cameron Strachan - Conservative and Unionist Party


Dave Bentley – Independent

Shaheena Haroon - Labour Party

Paul Johnstone - Green Party

Greg Keeley - Conservative and Unionist Party


Glyn Harvey Heath - Green Party

Debbie Quinn - Labour Party

Stefano Zuri - The Conservative and Unionist Party

St Marys

Ugonna Aiphodimma Edeoga - Liberal Democrats

Nick Hubble - Green Party

Jihyun Park - Conservative and Unionist Party

Sean Patrick Thorpe - Labour and Co-operative Party


Beth Natasha Dunkerley - Green Party

Iain Brian Gartside - Conservative and Unionist Party

Cristina Tegolo - Liberal Democrats

Sam Turner - The Labour Party

Wendy Warrington – Independent


Michael Hankey - Liberal Democrats

Ryan Johnson - Conservative and Unionist Party

Tahir Rafiq - Labour Party

Laura Jane Thomas - Green Party