An event to feed those in need of help in the town amid the cost of living crisis has taken place at a Radcliffe pizzeria.

Reigning Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food Association Pizza Chef of the Year, Nicola Jackson-Jones, held her latest "1.5K pizza challenge" event at Dough So Good at Radcliffe Market.

Nicola and her team aim to make 1,500 pizzas for those less fortunate, such as residents who access food banks.

They were at the premises from 12pm to 2pm on Wednesday making and serving pizzas to users of Radcliffe Food Club, located at Bridge Community Church, and Trinity Food Bank.

And the hardworking team cooked up an impressive 108 pizzas.

Nicola, who held the first event of this kind in January, said: “We decided to do this challenge to help out with the cost of living at the moment.

“We said let’s go and do something about it so my local foodbank asked if we could come down, so we did and made 50 pizzas.

"The volunteers asked how we funded it, we just paid for it ourselves.

“We then set up a GoFundMe crowdfunding page in case people wanted to help chip in, and we got £1,700 from that.

“We go to different warm spaces, community centres and just make free pizzas."

The generosity of the team has been felt across the region.

“This is the first event we’ve done in Radcliffe, but we’ve done West Lancashire, Liverpool and lots of other places in the North West," Nicola said.

“They’ve all gone really well, it’s so nice and also very eye opening.

“Not only are people struggling money wise, but people are also lonely, some people just want to talk.”

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Paul Wright, project leader at Radcliffe Food Club, said that people who attended were contacted by the organisation.

He said: “As we’re a food club, it means that people become a member by paying £5 and then each time they come they pay £3, and they get 12 items of food.

“We use a room that wasn’t previously being used at the back of the church and we made it very colourful, fresh and inviting and made it look like a shop.

“We have fridges and freezers which grants have helped us pay for.

“So, we can offer produce, bread, long-life items, frozen and chilled items and we also get a lot of food from FareShare.

“We only open on Wednesday mornings and Wednesday evenings, but we had 44 come this morning and we expect 20 more this evening (Wednesday, May 3).”

The food club is run entirely by volunteers and the club makes a big difference for people in the area.

Paul added: “Some people come in a say that they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

“We have nearly 200 members and get around 60 a week.

“It’s so rewarding when people say thank you so much when they go away with their items.

“We try to create a more dignified shopping experience as opposed to just giving out handouts.”

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