A popular local baker will be opening a new shop in Bury after turning her hobby into a successful full-time business with a huge social media following.

Former Bury Grammar School pupil, Georgia Goddard, 26, has amassed over 50,000 followers on social media after setting up a bespoke cake and grazes business under the name of GG Bakes and GG Graze.

Bury Times:  GG Bakes GG Bakes (Image: GG Bakes)

Having initially trained in marketing at university, Georgia said her passion for baking came later in life when she ‘randomly’ baked a cake for her boyfriend.

She said: “Going into baking wasn’t something I had thought of doing but when I finished university, I struggled to find something full-time that I wanted to go into.

Bury Times: Georgia at one of her bake set ups Georgia at one of her bake set ups (Image: Public)

“I did have a job but the idea of setting up my own business as a full-time job really took hold around the first lockdown, so I took a step and said let’s give this a go.”

Georgia, who now lives in Edgworth, began creating cakes and treats for her friends and was encouraged to set up an Instagram account to showcase some of her creations.

She progressed to baking bespoke cakes and making grazing tables then at the start of the first lockdown, she said the business “just completely took off”.

She said: “We get some quiet weeks now and again, but we have been mad busy ever since.

“Although it has been doing well, I didn’t plan on opening a shop, especially given the current economic climate, but the opportunity came up and it just felt right.”

Georgia saw the vacancy for the shop on Ainsworth Road via Facebook and when making enquiries, found out the owner was one of her former customers.

Bury Times: Cakes from GG BakesCakes from GG Bakes (Image: GG Bakes)

She said: “I sent her a message and I saw that we had already spoken before in regard to GG Bakes.

“After that, I had a look around the building and it just felt right, I can’t explain it and I hadn’t planned on opening up a place right now but it everything just felt right.”

Bury Times: Grazing table from GG Graze, sister company to GG Bakes Grazing table from GG Graze, sister company to GG Bakes (Image: GG Graze)

The shop is now undergoing renovations in the hopes that it will be finished and open for business by the end of June.

Georgia plans to have an open day at the shop on June 24 with lots of different offers which will be shared via the shop's Instagram account.

As well as bespoke cakes, the GG Bakes shop will offer cupcakes, grazing tables, tray bakes, milkshakes, toasties and coffees.

Georgia said: “I've been making all this food at home now for three years so i'm ready to move into my own business space and add more things to the menu.

“There are some worries opening a shop during the cost-of-living crisis but my customers are amazing and I can't wait to be moved in and baking for everyone from the store.”

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