Hundreds of families visited Prestwich today to bask in the sunshine and all that Clough Day had to offer.

Bury Times: Prestwich Clough Day Prestwich Clough Day (Image: Harriet Heywood)

The annual event was a hit once again as crowds of people gathered in St Mary’s Flower Park today, Sunday, May 21, to browse stalls, play games, watch a range of entertainment, and enjoy the sunny weather.

Siblings Charlotte, age two and Emily, age three, stole the show for crowds listening to some of the live music on offer with their entertaining dance moves.

Bury Times: Jacob Sahota, age 9, practicing first aid at the Clough DayJacob Sahota, age 9, practicing first aid at the Clough Day (Image: Harriet Heywood)

Other youngsters, such as Jacob Sahota, nine, used their time to get in some first aid training.

Jacobs’s mum said: “This is just an incredible day that really brings the community together.

Bury Times: Prestwich Clough Day 2023

“There is so much going on and this has been something we have really been looking forward to.”

Bury Times: Prestwich Clough Day 2023

Faye Blair also attended the Clough Day and took the opportunity to get close with an owl.  

Bury Times: Faye Blair and Chris Cooper at the Clough Day

She said: “I’m loving it.

“We started the day by going to a car boot and decided to pop over to see what was going on.

Bury Times: Leo, age 5, had his face painted like Pac-Man

“Since we have been here we have done the tombola, learnt a bit of history and heritage, seen some war medals and spoken to the police, it’s been fantastic."

Bury Times: Police dog handlers with their service dogs, Stanley and Murphy

Dog handling officers were happy to introduce eager crowds to pooches Stanley, age three and a half and Murphy, age six, whose job it is to sniff out items like drugs, money and bullets.

Bury Times: Prestwich Clough Day 2023

As well as being a free family afternoon out with entertainment for all ages, the day also gave local community groups the chance to entice new recruits.

Bury Times: Clean Team Prestwich at the 2023 Clough Day

A volunteer from Clean Team Prestwich said that they had recruited 20 new volunteers in around three hours.

He said: “We have had a lot of interest and I think the weather really does help.

Bury Times: Eamonn O'Brien and Alan Staton at the Clough Day

“What we do is give new volunteers a litter picker and a holder for their bin bags, which we also provide, and then they can ‘adopt’ their street to help keep it clean.

Bury Times: Families at the Prestwich Clough Day 2023

“We have a map of all roads in Prestwich which have been adopted and we meet as a group usually on the first or second Sunday of the month to clean litter black spots in the area.”

Bury Times: Friends of Phillips Park: Jean, Emma and BernardFriends of Phillips Park volunteers, Emma, Jean, and Bernard, said they were also looking to take on some new recruits this summer.

Bury Times: Stewart Lomas and Peter Butterworth at the Clough Day

Emma said: “You don’t need any experience but we recommend being quite an active person as there can be a lot of leg work.

Bury Times: Prestwich Clough Day 2023

“Volunteers can be as chatty or quiet as they want, and we are happy to bring out the brews and biscuits as a thank you for the work.”

Bury Times: Crowds gathered to enjoy Prestwich Clough Day

Ahead of the event, David Stanley, one of the Clough Day organisers, said: “During these current harsh financial times it is even more important that we have as many free activities and events as possible.

Bury Times: Bury Blind Society at Prestwich Clough Day

"By doing so, it can help us forget our worries and problems for a while whilst bringing the community together, and nothing says summer is arriving better than Prestwich’s own and very unique Clough Day.

Bury Times: Prestwich Clough Day 2023

“This will be the 17th year we have managed to host the Clough Day so I would like to thank all our sponsors, our team and everyone who has agreed to participate in making this possible.”

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