Pupils at a Prestwich High School welcomed a 95-year-old holocaust survivor to their school this week to hear his remarkable life story.

Ike Alterman, who turned 95 at the weekend, was welcomed by year 9 pupils at St Monica’s RC High School as he shared his experiences of life in four concentration camps, including Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Ike recalled his life story including some heartbreaking experiences such as seeing his mother, sister and brother marched away by Nazi officers when he was 13 years old to never see them again.

He is one of the few remaining survivors still alive to share his story, and despite his experiences, shared his optimism for the future, telling the pupils “the future is in your hands, go out and do good to those less fortunate than you”.

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History teacher, Tim Myerson, who helped organise the visit, said listening to Ike’s story was the “highlight of his 18-year teaching career”.

Headteacher, Emma Keenan, added that: “It was a truly amazing opportunity for the school community to experience”.

Ike answered questions from the pupils, who listened attentively before presenting him with a birthday cake to celebrate with a chorus of Happy Birthday.  

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The event was organised by Jewish social care charity The Fed whose marketing director Raphi Bloom accompanied Ike on the visit, commenting that the pupils were “fantastic and a credit to the school.”

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Following the talk, a parent contacted the school to say their daughter came home from school "very moved" by Mr Alterman’s story, relaying all that was said as soon as she entered the house when normally they "can’t get anything out of her for at least an hour".  

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