Tomorrow is 'National Fish and Chip Day' and we want to find out the best place to get your chippy tea from?

Traditionally, Friday night is one of the most popular nights to go to enjoy fish and chips, but we all know everyone loves them that much you could have them most nights.

To celebrate the efforts of our local chippys, we are asking our readers for the best of the best in Bury.

So whether you like crispy or soft batter on your fish or would rather have a pie or sausage with your chips.

You may also like peas or gravy or curry sauce with it?

But we are trying to get you to tell us your favourite so we can find the top 6 in the area.

Then we will ask our readers to vote for their favourite from the shortlist.

You can tell us your personal favourite at the bottom of this article to ensure they make the shortlist