Can someone at Bury Council please explain why they are seemingly quite happy to see the town deteriorate as it has done over recent years?

It began when the much appreciated “Bury In Bloom” was curtailed a few years ago.

Last year, weeds were allowed to spring up all over the place and remain unchecked.

This year it looks as though verges are being allowed to become overgrown.

The end result of this neglect is a town looking unkempt and uncared for.

If this continues it will have a negative impact on businesses wishing to locate to the town, and visitor numbers dropping.

Surely the prime aim of any council is to provide a welcoming outlook for residents and visitors, but the lack of willingness of the council to make Bury and its surrounding towns attractive, raises serious questions as to the ability of those responsible to discharge their duties correctly.

No doubt this will be politicised with the government responsible, but we are talking about a cosmetic fix which would be a tiny part of the council’s budget.

Come on, Bury Council, let’s restore local pride.

Tony Cunningham