Users of the social media platform Instagram have shared that they are having issues with the app this morning  (June 9).

It comes as many suggest that their feed is not loading, leaving them will error messages including "something went wrong."

Taking to the outage site, reports of Instagram not working were rising quickly.

At the time of writing, reports sat at over 200 but were quickly increasing by the second. 

Is Instagram down?

The most reported problem on Instagram was the app with a report of 56% having an issue with it. 

Bury Times:

Whilst 30% struggled with the website and 14% with the feed on Instagram

Many Instagram users took to fellow social media platforms Twitter to share their issues with the app. 

As one user said: "Is #Instagram down for me or for everyone else well."

Whilst another added: "So again #instagram is down!"

According to the Daily Mail, the app crashed just a few ago seeing many unable to access the platform. 

With the last outage seeing reports of over 56,000 having issues with the popular app.