Andy Burnham has branded UEFA a "disgrace" for making Manchester City fans who travelled to Instabul for the Champions League final "walk miles" to get to the stadium.

The Greater Manchester mayor accused the European body of "massively" letting down English football supporters "year after year".

The comments came after reports that Man City and Inter Milan fans had to walk up to five miles to get to Istanbul’s Atatürk Olympic Stadium on Saturday, June 10.

Supporters were seen walking on the motorway to get to the stadium which is located outside the city centre – due to heavy traffic on the roads around it.

Speaking on BBC Radio Manchester this morning, Thursday, Mr Burnham said this was "not acceptable".

He said: “UEFA – what a disgrace, leaving Manchester City fans to walk miles to get to the ground. No transport, no nothing.

“We saw what they did last year in Paris and all the arrangements there that failed thousands and thousands of Liverpool supporters and Real Madrid supporters.

"But again, they pick these grounds, I think, for these games on the basis of politics or who they please.

“They give no regard for the arrangements of the travelling supporters. I saw pictures of Manchester City fans walking miles down roads to try and get there. It’s not acceptable. UEFA, you are a disgrace.

“You need to up your game and you need to treat people properly when they travel thousands of miles around the world and pay your ticket prices.”

The Labour mayor made reference to the chaotic scenes at the Stade de France last year ahead of the Champions League final.

A review into the treatment of Liverpool fans outside the stadium which is located on the outskirts of Paris found faults by European football’s governing body and criticised French police for firing tear gas and pepper spray at supporters.

Mr Burnham said the treatment of football fans at the final in France last year was "absolutely appalling".

But he claimed UEFA "just shrug their shoulders".

He added: “This is a bureaucracy that makes absolute millions out of English football supporters but is never held to account. We need to call them out.

“They let down Manchester City supporters massively last weekend. And thankfully, it didn’t ruin their weekend.

“But, you know, they do it year after year to English football supporters and we’ve had enough of it. We need change from UEFA and I think we really should join forces and send that message loud and clear to them.”

UEFA has been contacted for comment.