Plans have been lodged for a home to be turned into a 10-bed house in multiple occupation (HMO) again after similar proposals were rejected.

A detached five-bedroom house on Walmersley Road in Bury, next to Raymond Avenue, is currently being used as a residential house.

The proposed changes would see the property have five bedrooms on the ground floor and another five bedrooms on the first floor with a large basement for storage.

To the back of the property, which used to be a care home, there would be seven car parking bays and a bike storage area under the plans.

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Residents have aired their concerns about the plans with fears over excess traffic, a potential increase in crime, and a rise in noise disturbances.

The fresh application was received on May 30 and has already attracted 18 objections.

One objection stated: “The area already has a number of large HMOs another simply isn't needed.

“It off-balances the mix of people within the community, Walmersley has a lovely community family feel currently.

“While I admit there is a need for affordable housing, this could be achieved in other ways. (e.g. a lesser number of flats to enable family's and couples to rent).

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“There has been a rise in anti-social behaviour within the area with the increase in HMOs, and adding more is not the answer.

“The property is on the corner of a busy road, parking for these 10 new tenants would be a nightmare in an already congested area.

“Other similar properties in the area have been converted into family homes, or sectioned into flats which this property would much better suit.

“Overall, I object as this is clearly being done with the aim of the most profit to be made, not with what is best for the community or what is suitable to fit into the area.”

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Another objection added: “The amount of HMOs on our area is too much without this additional large one.

“We do not want any more in the area.”

The council will make a decision on the plans on a future date.

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