A new quiz that tells you "how good your job is" has been launched this week.

The short online questionnaire rates jobs according to a range of criteria including flexible working, management and health and wellbeing support.

It comes as Greater Manchester marks the UK’s first ever Good Employment Week.

Backed by mayor Andy Burnham, the initiative organised by the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, aims to inspire businesses across the city-region to prioritise good employment practices and to empower workers.

The week will see professionals, thought leaders, and industry experts come together to address critical issues in the realm of work, with activities and 25 events organised by the Good Employment Charter and partners. The Charter has 513 supporters and 91 members – the 600-plus employers employ a workforce of 120,000 across Greater Manchester and 500,000 nationally.

Mr Burnham said: “I am proud to launch Greater Manchester’s Good Employment Week.

"Once again, our city-region is leading the way with the country’s first week dedicated to celebrating the benefits of employment.

“The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter has established a credible network of employers who understand that creating good jobs creates happier and healthier employees.

"They also know it brings real business benefits in terms of recruitment, retention and productivity.

“With major economic challenges and changes to the way we all work, good employment is more important than ever. Our vision is to create a place where every job is a good job.

“Together we can build an economy where businesses thrive and every worker is valued and respected.”

Manchester City Council leader Bev Craig, who is the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s portfolio lead for economy and business, said: “This week marks the Good Employment Charter’s first-ever Good Employment Week, celebrating the movement for better working standards in Greater Manchester.

"We’re encouraging people, businesses and organisations to get involved through the various events, activities and the good employment quiz.

“Already we’ve made a tangible impact on the working lives of thousands of workers, but with people facing a cost of living crisis and other pressures, we need to ensure our movement for fairly paid, flexible and secure work continues to grow.”

The "How good is your job quiz" was published online on Monday morning.

The quiz asks 21 short questions and respondents can remain anonymous.

By completing the quiz, people can learn more about well their job scores across seven different criteria of good employment and receive advice and information such as on how to raise any potential concerns with employer. To complete the quiz, visit goodemploymentweek.co.uk/quiz.

For the full programme of events and to sign up, visit goodemploymentweek.co.uk.