Bury South MP Christian Wakeford has been left quite baffled by the proposed decision to split up Radcliffe as part of a shake-up of the electoral boundaries.

The 2023 Boundary Review, which has now been presented to the House of Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, recommends parts of Salford to join Bury South, and Radcliffe to be divided into two Parliamentary seats.

The changes to Bury North would be the addition of Radcliffe North, effectively splitting the Radcliffe ward in half.

Radcliffe East and Radcliffe West would remain in Bury South.

The government has four months to bring forward an order to bring the recommendations into effect.

The next general election is likely to be held next year but may not happen until January 2025.

The proposed new constituencies came after three rounds of public consultations which included 32 public hearings.

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Secretary to the Commission, Tim Bowden, said: "The recommendations we have published mark the end of a thorough and consultative process to build the new map of Parliamentary constituencies.

“We have taken into account over 60,000 public comments, travelled the country, and heard many passionate views about how best to reflect local community ties in our recommendations.

“We are confident that our final recommendations are the best reflection of the statutory rules Parliament has set us.

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Although the changes to Bury South would see the constituency lose Radcliffe North and Ainsworth ward, it would gain Kersal and Broughton Park from Salford.

Bury South MP Christian Wakeford said: “Following confirmation of the boundary changes by the Electoral Commission, it doesn’t quite make sense that for the first time ever the historic town of Radcliffe will be divided between two Parliamentary seats and I believe the commission should have followed my recommendation that the town should have remained united.

“With that said, I welcome the ward of Kersal and Broughton Park and I am looking forward to getting out and meeting new constituents in the ward as soon as possible.”

Bury Times: A plan of how Bury South would look under the changesA plan of how Bury South would look under the changes (Image: Boundary Commission)

Reacting to the recommendations, Bury North MP James Daly added: “It is the honour of my life to represent Bury North.

“Through my time as your member of Parliament, we have had some great success, securing over £100 million of investment in our town, delivering 1280 new police officers and securing the community purchase of Gigg Lane to protect it for generations to come.

“Radcliffe North is a brilliant place that will make a great addition to our constituency, and I look forward to getting out there, speaking with local people, listening to your priorities and making sure Radcliffe North has the strong voice in Parliament it deserves.”

Bury Times: Bury North MP James DalyBury North MP James Daly (Image: James Daly)

Bury Times: How Bury North would look like under the changesHow Bury North would look like under the changes (Image: Boundary Commission)

Following the moves, some residents from the affected areas have expressed negativity.

On resident in Salford said: “This is a nonsensical move. I live in the city of Salford. I pay my council tax to Salford City Council. I have a Salford postcode.

“Yet under this move my MP will not be representing Salford, she/he would have the interests of a small nearby town and its inhabitants as their priority.

“With the best will in the world my ward will always be an afterthought.

“Effectively this move will lessen the representation of people in my area in Parliament. It undermines democracy.”

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Another added: “Why is my area, Kersal, being attached to a Bury constituency, Whitefield?

“Bury and Salford have absolutely nothing in common and a Bury MP will have zero interest in my area. Kersal belongs in Salford and I should be able to vote for a Salford MP.

“I strongly object to this move.”

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