Summerseat residents and councillors are petitioning Bury Council to resurface the main road in the village.

Waterside Road is one of the main roads which is used frequently at weekends when the junior sports teams play on Summerseat Park.

Over the past few years, Waterside Road’s surface has deteriorated and is now littered with potholes and loose carriageway.

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Local councillor Liam James Dean said: “I have had many residents raise this with me, and I completely agree with them.

“Summerseat village has gone through a lot in recent times and the least our community can ask for is a road that isn’t falling apart.

“I’m pleased residents are coming together and signing this petition, Bury Council have known about the state of this road for a while and residents want their voice heard – this is what we’re doing.”

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Waterside Road was one of Cllr Dean’s recommendations to the council on their Highway Improvement Schemes, and though Peel Hall Road was included in this scheme, Waterside Road was not.

Bury North MP James Daly added: “Summerseat has gone through a lot these past few years, I know from my time as councillor for the ward how well used Waterside Road is for a village of its size.

“I’m pleased to support Liam and North Manor councillors' campaign to resurface Waterside Road.

“Residents across the rest of North Manor and Bury North know their area best – so if they have any other road concerns, they can raise them with me here.”

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Residents can sign the petition here.

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