Four more outdoor gyms have been installed in Bury’s parks, raising the total in the area to 11.

They have recently been installed in Private Peachment VC Town Meadow Park, Hoyles Park, Bolton Road Park and at Sunnybank play area.

They complement the seven at Nuttall Park, Clarence Park, Manchester Road Park, Hamilton Road Park, St Mary’s Park, Close Park and Whitehead Park.

Cllr Alan Quinn, cabinet member for the environment, climate change and operations at the council, said: “We continue to invest in our parks across the borough.

"These four new outdoor gyms have been installed using capital funding provided by Bury Council and enables us to provide another offer for local communities to increase their health, close by.

“We have stuck with the most popular pieces of equipment by keeping the walkers and ellipticals which allows people to exercise and chat at the same time.

"They have also been installed close to play areas to help young families to exercise and keep an eye on children playing in the gated play areas.”

The equipment at each site is similar to the other sites and is made from stainless steel to give them longevity.

There is an information board at each site to show how to use the equipment safely.

It has all been supplied by from Hamburg in Germany and first came to Bury in 2009 in Close Park ordered by the then Friends Group through External Funding and is very popular.