Two police officers were attacked after a fight broke out in Bury town centre in the early hours of today, Monday.

The fight happened on Silver Street with two people arrested following the incident.

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In another disturbance, police were called to a birthday party where there were three uninvited guests who reportedly caused problems.

Three arrests were then made.

Police have moved to remind the public that "violent behaviour will not be tolerated and robust action will be taken".

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A spokesperson for GMP Bury North said: “Overnight response officers dealt with numerous violent incidents across the district.

“Officers attended a fight on Silver Street in the early hours.

“Two officers were assaulted during this incident resulting in two arrests.

“Officers also attended a birthday party which had been disturbed by three uninvited guests causing issues. Three arrests made.

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“Violent behaviour will not be tolerated, and robust action will be taken.

“Where do you prefer to nurse your hangover, at home or in police custody?”

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