A town centre vinyl store which closed its doors in 2011 will make a "pop-up" return this month at a new Bury bar and tavern.

Vibes Records, which was a popular shop in the 80s and 90s, will make a return to the town centre, just one door down from its old location on Princess Parade.

The store, which closed after problems stemming from the worldwide financial crisis in 2008, will return at The Marketside Tavern from 12pm to 5pm on Sunday, August 27.

If the "pop-up" event is a success plans may move forward to bring Vibe back full time.

Bury Times: The Kooks playing at Vibes in October 2005 The Kooks playing at Vibes in October 2005 (Image: Vibes)

Gordon Oakes, who first started working at Vibes in 1985 and owned the business from 2005 until it closed, said: “Vibes opened in 1977 and became incredibly busy in the 80s and 90s with people using it as a meet-up spot in the town centre.

“Unfortunately, due to the financial crash, we had to close, and we missed the vinyl boom when more people started using records again.

Bury Times: The Marketside TavernThe Marketside Tavern (Image: NQ)

“I left music for a ‘real job’, which I didn’t enjoy, and ended up bringing back Vibes earlier this year over different social media platforms, it started doing well and I set up a website.

“Now we're looking forward to seeing new and old faces at our pop-up this month and partnering with the tavern to support each other.

"Hopefully one day, depending on the success of the day and our online site, we could even re-open at a store in Bury." 

Bury Times: Queuing up for Billy Talent instore 2006Queuing up for Billy Talent instore 2006 (Image: Vibes)

The Marketside Tavern, previously the Thirsty Fish, opened last month after Siblings Ben and George Stephens, along with their friend, Nathan Hood, embarked on a mission to give their favourite pub a new lease on life.

So far, George said the business has been fantastic and the team have received lots of great feedback from their customers.

Bury Times: Nathan Hood and Ben Stephens inside The Marketside TavernNathan Hood and Ben Stephens inside The Marketside Tavern (Image: NQ)

He said: “We are continually searching for new ideas and events to promote and grow the Tavern.

"I've listed below a couple of dates for the calendar and some of our current offers.

“We are close friends with Gordon and pitched the idea of a Vibes Records 'pop-up store' to him and he was all for it.

Bury Times: Inside the Marketplace Tavern

“We think it will be a great opportunity to promote both of our businesses and look forward to a great date in the calendar.”

George added that part of the appeal has been the Tavern's location, just a couple of units down from Vibes original home.

Bury Times: Inside the Marketplace Tavern

He said: “There's a certain element of nostalgia for many people who shopped in Vibes.

“We even overheard a customer on the phone in the Tavern last week giving his friend directions to where we are, 'next door to Vibes' he said, which brought a smile to our faces.”

Bury Times: Inside the Marketplace Tavern

Customers will be welcome to browse the records on sale and enjoy a drink.