A Bury toy company is rolling out fully-recyclable packaging to save 12.8 tonnes of plastic a year.

The cardboard packaging Sambro uses will initially launch with the licensor Hasbro across its Peppa Pig Create Your Own Character line, which is one of its best-selling lines.

The business has recently been tackling its environmental impact and have already reduced their carbon footprint by 10 per cent.

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Sambro has undertaken an audit of the packaging used across its range of toys, identifying ways in which it can make sustainable improvements.

It has therefore launched a new fully recyclable packaging format that will replace its "egg-shaped" plastic packaging which has been used across a variety of Sambro products for over three years.

The Peppa Pig Create Your Own Character range comprises four collectable characters, including Peppa Pig, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig.

Packs include fabric outer body, stuffing and instructions on how create your very own Peppa plush.

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Working in partnership, Sambro’s design, product and environment teams developed updated packaging for the range, to reduce plastic waste and add an extra play element, increasing retailer and consumer appeal.

The end result is a new paper-based packaging design inspired by milk-cartons, which is fully recyclable, which includes the bag that holds the stuffing for the toy.

The packaging also features a cut out heart image, which adds an extra play element.

There are also additional design elements such as the paper tie and gift bag, which allow it to be reimagined as a gift line.

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Based on latest sales stats, which show that 236,363 Create Your Own Character toys were sold in 2022, as a direct replacement, Sambro’s cardboard packaging will save 12.8 tonnes of plastic, the equivalent of 752,469 plastic drinks bottles from landfill.

Lisa Longley, Sambro’s ethical and sustainability Manager, said: “Sambro is committed to working with its licensors such as Hasbro to develop more sustainable packaging solutions.

“While practical, our current egg-shaped packaging is not easily recyclable and offers little secondary use for customers, making it a sustainable weak spot for us.

“Our new reimagined packaging has seen our design, product and ESG teams work together to develop a bespoke customer specific packaging solution, which we are now hoping to roll-out across other ranges currently using this egg-shaped packing.

“The broader efforts to reduce the use of plastics across our packaging will include more environmentally friendly and innovative materials, enhanced consumer recycling through product design and on pack snipes, and an overall eco-friendly themed approach to play.”

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