A Bury woman threw a glass at a bar worker and bit a police officer in a "reckless" attack.

Nina Haselwood hurled a glass at a member of staff at The Monkey House bar on Silver Street in Bury town centre in May before assaulting police officers who responded to the incident.

Manchester Crown Court heard that at around 4.30am on May 6, Haselwood leaned across the bar and attempted to grab a staff member who was able to avoid her.

Haselwood, 27, then threw a glass at the staff member’s head, causing a 3cm cut to the middle of her forehead.

When police arrived to arrest her, Haselwood punched an officer as he tried to put her in handcuffs and later bit him on the back of the head as well as kicking and punching several other officers involved in her arrest.

Haselwood, of Topping Fold Road, Bury, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault of an emergency worker by beating in relation.

While on bail for these offences, the court heard that Haselwood then attended On Bar on Canal Street, Manchester, on July 2 where she assaulted a customer as well as a security guard, whom she punched in the head.

She later pleaded guilty to two counts of assault by beating. 

Describing CCTV footage of the incident at The Monkey House as it was played in court, Gurdit Singh, prosecuting, said: “You can see the glass and that contacting with the victim's face.”

In a victim statement, the bar staff member said: “This incident has made me feel scared and shaken, the incident has made me feel scared to go back to work.”

Beth Caunce, defending, told the court that long-term mental health problems, including schizoaffective disorder, alcohol misuse and a childhood spent in care were factors in Haselwood’s behaviour.

However, she added that Haselwood, who has some history of offending, has been “out of trouble” since 2018.

Ms Caunce said: “What she really needs now is treatment for the trauma, she’s never had therapy before.”

Concluding, District Judge Gwyn-Jones said Haselwood had been “utterly out of control” when she attacked the police officers and "reckless" when she assaulted the bar staff member.

He added: “These officers have a job to do, it is not always an easy job to do.

“The fact that there were so many officers trying to manage your appalling behaviour is indicative of the excessive amount of alcohol.

“You were in drink and out of control.”

Judge Gwyn-Jones sentenced Haselwood to 66 weeks in prison suspended for 24 months.

He banned her from entering any licenced premises in Greater Manchester for 18 months and ordered her to wear an electronic tag for 20 weeks.