A Holocaust survivor who has shared his incredible story has been presented with a British Empire Medal (BEM).

Itzick (Ike) Alterman, 95, from Whitefield, was handed his BEM the day after his 78th anniversary of arriving in the United Kingdom to start a new life.

Ike was awarded the BEM for his services to Holocaust education and remembrance.

His investiture was carried out at the Manchester Jewish Museum on Tuesday, August 15, by the Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, Diane Hawkins JP.

Over the last six years, Ike has been educating people on the events he suffered and survived during the Holocaust by retelling his story from his book, “Rest Their Souls".

Bury Times: Ike's completed book amongst other survivors Ike's completed book amongst other survivors (Image: NQ)

Upon receiving the award, Ike said: “At the age of 95 I am as committed as ever to continue this crucial work with people of all ages for as long as I am able."

Ike has been a participant in Prestwich charity The Fed’s My Voice project, which has enabled dozens of Holocaust survivors to tell and document their stories and has even been used in schools to educate youngsters on the atrocities.

Ike last saw his family in 1942 when all Jewish people were told to congregate in the town square where he lived in Ożarów, Poland, and to only bring what they could carry in their hands.

Bury Times: Ike's liberation dayIke's liberation day (Image: NQ)

Holocaust survivor shares a glimpse of his heartbreaking past

He said: “A hand divided us. My little brother had his hands above his head and rifles on them, I never saw them again after that.”

Ike was taken to labour farms and camps, missing several liberations during the atrocities and to this day, still doesn't know his exact date of birth due to records disappearing or what happened to his family.

Bury Times: Itzick (Ike) Alterman, 95, from Whitefield

Director of fundraising, marketing and communications at The Fed, Raphi Bloom, said: “Everyone who has heard Itzick speak or read his story comes away with an indelible impression of a man who has overcome the worst that mankind can possibly be and yet is able to exude an attitude of tolerance, positivity, and kindness.

“We know this because we read the dozens of messages and feedback Itzick receives each time he speaks at one of our events. 

“It is very much worth emphasising that over the last six years, Itzick has, through the schools, football clubs and other organisations, events and his My Voice book, reached thousands of people. 

Bury Times: Itzick (Ike) Alterman, 95, from Whitefield

“Itzick, you are an absolute inspiration to us all and we are truly honoured to be able to call you our friend.”

Bury Times: Ike Alterman has school building named after him

Both Raphi and Juliette Pearce, the manager of The Fed's My Voice project nominated Ike for the medal.

WATCH: Whitefield Holocaust survivor has school building named after him

Juliette said: “We nominated Itzick because we experience firsthand through the My Voice project just how much work Itzick undertakes to constantly raise awareness of - and educate others about - the Holocaust and the lessons that must be learnt from it.

Bury Times: Itzick (Ike) Alterman, 95, from Whitefield

“The supporting letters for Itzick that accompanied his nomination included a former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police and a deputy head of a  prestigious local school, amongst others, which highlight how widely Itzick is respected.

Whitefield: Holocaust survivor's story included in school curriculum

“In addition to this, Itzick has been recognised and lauded by politicians, towns and boroughs and now of course - and most fittingly - by his Majesty the King.”

During his work, Ike has had a school building in Timperley named after him, had his story added to a school curriculum and had his book published in the Yad Vashem, Israel's official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.