Plans for the transformation of Bury Market including a multi-million pound "flexi-hall" and and a new roof are set to be approved next week.

The proposals include the demolition of existing buildings on Murray Road, 47 – 51 Market Street and 2 -10 Princess Parade to build a new flexible events hall.

A new canopy structure would be erected to cover the existing outdoor market and temporary permission is also sought for a construction compound on the market car park.

The proposed three-storey flexi hall would be in the western part of the site and would contain two floors.

The building would be constructed from brick and timber and would be accessed from Murray Road.

It would be used for conferences, meetings and training, banquets, awards dinners, drinks receptions, small trade exhibitions, public exhibitions, weddings, private parties and Christmas parties.

Other uses for the hall include space for support groups, hobby groups and indoor sports.

The planning application said music concerts, dancing, boxing matches, festivals, pop up trading could also happen at the events hall and that it would house offices for market staff.

The new canopy structure would be a membrane with polycarbonate panels and would consist of a canopy with a series of pitched roofs set above the existing market stalls.

The construction compound would be erected in the south eastern corner of the market car park on the south side of Angouleme Way.

The compound would be in place for a temporary period of 21 months and would measure 54 metres by 34 metres.

It would contain a temporary market office, contractor offices and welfare facilities, storage containers, a security point and staff parking and would be accessed from Spring Street.

An officer’s report has been published which will go before planning committee members who will decide on the plans on Tuesday, August 29.

The report states: “The proposed development was successful in securing funding for this project from the Levelling Up fund to support improvements at Bury Market, the development of a new flexi hall and enhanced public realm improvements.

“This scheme forms part of wider plans to transform and regenerate the town centre, which include a new transport interchange and a redeveloped Mill Gate centre.

“It is recognised that the market plays a vital role for local customers and traders, while also drawing visitors from afar.

“While the proposed development would not be a retail use, it would complement the market and the surrounding retail units by increasing footfall. through diversification.

“As such, the proposed development would not harm the existing retail offer and would enhance the market facilities.”

The council received a letter on the plans stating that "retailers in the area are extremely concerned and worried by the uncertainty".

The objector added: “Many retailers have been given different or contradicting information resulting in uncertainty such as extending lease agreements or making business forecasts.

“Though we appreciate they can only tell so much, a clearer and more transparent approach by The Millgate Shopping Centre and Bury Council would be appreciated.

“With many areas and buildings being knocked down including much of Princess Parade, we are concerned that this will make Bury town centre an inaccessible place.”

Planning officers have recommended that the committee approves the plans.