Bury Grammar School has reported an impressive third of its students' GCSE results were the two highest grades- 9s and 8s.

Two of the pupils at the private school achieved a perfect score of grade 9s.

The school has shared its immense pride for pupils as more than 50 per cent of results were at the top level of 9s to 7s, the equivalent of A**, A* and A.

The GCSE results said staff and parents are proud and they say they cannot wait to greet them again at the Sixth Form in September. 

A spokesperson from the school said: “Many congratulations to our Year 11s who have achieved a remarkable set of GCSE results with a whole host of star grades.

“Pupils, parents, and staff are elated with their achievements in a year in which marking returns to tough pre-pandemic levels.  

“A third of all grades are stellar 9s and 8s (A**-A*), over 50 per cent of results are at the very top level of 9-7s (A**-A) and almost 90 per cent of grades are 9-5 (A**-B).”

Abigail Falk, who played Matilda in the school's last performance, obtained six grade 9s and three grade 8s.

She said: “I am very relieved to have received the results I wanted.

“Thank you to all my teachers who were there when I needed them.

“I’m now looking forward to joining BGS Sixth Form to study maths, biology and Spanish.”

A spokesperson from the school said: “Two pupils have achieved a perfect score of grade 9s (A**), five pupils have a stunning set of nine grades at 8 and 9 (A* and A**), twenty-four pupils have all 7-9s (A-A**) and sixty-four pupils have more 7-9s (A-A**) than any other grade.”

Pupil Mykola-Vasyl Bihun gained 10 grade 9s.

He is also involved in the BGS Combined Cadet Force (CCF), volunteers his time on Saturdays at a Ukrainian school in Manchester and recently enjoyed national success with the School Lego Robotics team.

He said: “I’d like to thank all the teachers at BGS who have taught me over the last five years.” 

The spokesperson added: “This A grade cohort have between them gained a stunning total of 570 grades at 9-7 (A**-A) which, for those who are well versed in the School’s history, is a number which resonates, 1570 being the year in which Bury Grammar School was founded.

“A fitting nod to the past for a group of pupils with such bright futures ahead!  

“We are immensely proud of all our pupils and look forward to a great two years ahead in Sixth Form.”