The boss of one of the biggest festivals in the country has put out a warning about 'extremely dangerous' ecstasy pills this bank holiday weekend.

Sacha Lord, boss of Heaton Park's Parklife Festival and The Warehouse Project, has warned people of a variety of ecstasy tablets as the summer bank holiday hits the UK.

The pills, called 'Orange Teslas', are in the shape of the badge of motor company Tesla and are orange in colour.

Taking to Instagram, he said: "I've got real concern and I need to put a national drugs warning out, which shouldn't be down to me, it should be down to the Government.

"But they have decided to do a U turn on policy on back of house drug testing.

"There are at the moment Orange Teslas in circulation. They are extremely, extremely dangerous and in fact have been implicated in two recent deaths up in Scotland.


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"So please, just spread the message, get the message out there: Orange Teslas in circulation in the UK are extremely concerning and extremely dangerous."

He added: "It's August Bank Holiday, it is the biggest festival season of the whole year. There are tens and tens, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people going out, enjoying their lives, celebrating and listening to music this weekend at festivals right across the UK."

This comes after Lord wrote to Home Secretary Suella Braverman in July, calling on her to allow on-site drug testing at events.

He said that on-site drug testing has been available at festivals with the approval of police and local councils since 2014 until June this year.

The letter states that on June 8, the Home Office informed drug-checking charity, The Loop, that licence would now be required to provide this service.

Drug checking aims to test illegal substances and inform users if any are found to be dangerous.