Crowds packed into Bury town centre on Monday for the return of Glaston-Bury.

Music from this year's festival resonated as a "sea of smiles" and musicians rocked out at the one-day event.

Set up in 2008, Glaston-Bury raises funds for Bury Hospice and other local causes with a diverse range of performers and more than 20 stages to visit.

Bury Times: Ian van Dahl of Castles in the sky fame

One of the event organisers, Christopher Buckley, said: “It was a brilliant day, a great turnaround, and a sea of smiles all around.

“The introduction of the Mainline DJ Arena proved a massive hit and Facebook has been awash with positivity, everyone had the best time.”

As part of a fitting tribute, James Wise, the son of Dennis Wise, a well known and much-loved member of the Bury music scene who died this year aged 50, made an appearance on the DJ Arena stage, which was dedicated to his dad.

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Bury Times: James Wise appeared on stage  in memory of his dad

And the family stage on Bank Street was named in honour of Anthony Crompton, known as Tony, who died aged 78 in May.

Tony was a strong ambassador of junior football in the area for years.

He set up the Roach Dynamos Junior Football Club in 1975, which is based in Heywood and now has 10 teams including a girl's side. 

Belgian band Ian Van Dahl, known for hit song "Castles in the Sky" was among the impressive line-up that entertained revellers.

Also performing was Ibrahim, AKA-Lord of the Strings, an ex-Stone Roses guitarist who filled in for John Squire when he left the band on a tour in America.

Bury Times: Aziz Ibrahim(AKA-Lord of the strings)

Aziz has toured and played with many bands including Stone Roses and Simply Red and is going to China next month to work with a university and talk about the music industry while teaching and advising students.

Lyndsey Hopkinson, who also helped the event alongside Chris and Laura Higginson, said: “The work it takes to plan and execute Glaston-Bury Festival - Bury is immense but always worth it.

“I think Christopher Buckley and Laura Higginson will be joining me in having a lazy day before we begin planning Glaston-Bury 2024!

Bury Times: Urban Theory

“As ever, the only band I saw was the one I actually play in but the vibes were beautiful all day and Bury was definitely a happy place.

“The volunteers, sponsors, stage teams, traders, GMP, Bury Council and of course the performers all stepped up to make it a great day yet again.

“Thank you to everyone who came to see Stone Shadow, we had a blast and loved watching you all rock out and sing along.”

Charities and community groups also flocked to the event to help volunteer or try and raise some money for their causes.

Bury Times: Ian van Dahl of Castles in the sky fame

Andy's Man Club thanked donors who helped raise £189.78 for the suicide prevention charity and since 2008, the music festival has raised more than £250,000 for the hospice.

Following the day, one attendee said they would be resting up after an “absolutely fab day as always, sore feet are the sign of the best day spent dancing with the girls".

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Another added: “Massive thanks to Bucko, Lyndsey and Laura for arranging it all. We loved it and hope to be back again.”

Bury Times: Ian van Dahl of Castles in the sky fame