Police are cracking down on off road bike crime in Bury after anti-social behaviour (ASB) concerns from residents.

Neighbours have complained about the "loud roars" the bikes make and the fact the fact riders often wear balaclavas instead of helmets.

Officers are taking "positive action" to seize the bikes and a Greater Manchester Police drone is sometimes used to track down riders.

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In an update to residents, Inspector Gareth Edwards, from the Bury South neighbourhood team, said: "We regularly receive messages and complaints about off road bikes in all areas of Bury.

"The loud roar at night passing your house while you are sleeping or flying past wearing a balaclava instead of a helmet, ticks a lot of boxes with the public for a priority to tackle in residential areas. 

"This is aside from the obvious danger to riders and pedestrians when not obeying road rules.

“While you may not see us actively chasing these bikes around the streets of Bury, intentionally so, we do take positive action to seize and report those committing these driving offences.

“The riders of these bikes tend to be children and young people and their safety is also a priority for us in dealing with the issue.

“We have other tools to deploy such as the force drone which can identify the location of the individuals and deploy ground units to seize or issue notices under section 59 of the Police Reform Act.

"Officers have attended with housing to issue tenancy warnings alongside these ASB seizures.

"We have also been working with fuelling stations to prevent access to petrol and are increasing our intelligence with respects to these illegal riders so we can continue the work going forward."

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Police are working with the council to to prevent riders from using paths and public spaces in parks and carriageways.

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Insp Edwards added: “While we work towards removing the underlying issues, be reassured that we are removing and prosecuting those who continue to commit these offences.”

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