Could there be any more of a defining image of Tory neglect than children sat in classrooms literally held up with props to stop the ceiling falling on their heads?

Believe it or not, that is the situation this country is in after a decade of Conservative government and not only is your child’s school potentially falling, but the Education Secretary wants you to thank her for it!

Reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (Raac) is a lightweight form of concrete.

The way that Raac is created makes it weaker than the normal building material.

There is no coarse aggregate - for example gravel and crushed stones - in Raac, this is what gives concrete its strength.

Instead, fine aggregate - such as sand and stone particles - is combined with chemicals to create gas bubbles, and heat to cure the compound. This makes it relatively weak. In some schools, roofs are constructed using Raac planks, which are long slim blocks of the material.

It's been confirmed in 156 schools, with 104 told last week to move out or close some buildings.

Officials won't deny that 450 schools are yet to be surveyed by inspectors. One expert has estimated as many as 10 per cent of UK schools, around 2,000, could be affected.

What the government clearly didn’t know is exactly how many schools were affected by Raac. This was clear to me as I received an email last Friday evening at 7.15pm from the Education Secretary informing me that a school in Bury South *MIGHT* have an issue with RAAC.

The timing of Friday evening the weekend before children go back to school is quite frankly disgusting.

Another sign of a failing country under more than a decade of Tory rule, it was revealed that the Education Secretary could have dealt with the issue earlier but was caught up in last week's air traffic control failure chaos so couldn't get back.

This is the epitome of Tory Britain. It would almost be comical if it wasn’t so gravely serious.

Nothing in Britain works any more.

People are working longer and receiving less.

Hospital waiting lists ever growing with cancelled appointments at every turn And people resorting to pulling out their own teeth.

These issues, continually bubbling in the background really go to the heart of who we really are as a country.

We have to decide whether we continue to become a country which is soulless, faceless even cashless.

I don’t want to live in a country that people are forgotten about.

Britain feels pretty broken to me at the moment.

All summer we have had sewage going into our rivers.

Energy bills that people on ordinary salaries can’t afford And railways that are in utter chaos and being stripped beyond the bare bones.

We need to fight back and I that is what I am committed to doing to rid the country of this broken government and be part of a government that makes us proud of Britain once more.