Schools across Bury have been invited to take part in a special event aiming to teach children about religion.

The Focus on Faith event organised by the Bury Faith Forum aims to educate primary and secondary school aged children about religious diversity in the borough and gives pupils a chance to ask questions about different faiths.

The event takes place as part of Interfaith Week 2023, and as many schools as possible across the borough are encouraged to take part.

Focus on Faiths takes place at the Guardian Angels Parish Centre in November where representatives from different religions will have stalls where children can ask questions and have open conversations about religion.

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Liaqat Ali, the chair of Bury Faith Forum, said the event aims to address misconceptions some people may have about religion and aims to encourage respect between communities.

He said: “The idea is to different faiths together to understand each other.

“It aims to promote mutual understanding and respect as there is some misunderstanding.

“We want to capture children at a vital age, as they are vulnerable (to misinformation) and we want to give them the right information.

“We don’t want to miss secondary school children who are becoming adults.

“Head teachers are quite keen for children to learn about different faiths.

“Last year, eight different faiths had stalls. In the morning the primary school children came and they asked questions and had a much better understanding, and the secondary school children are the same.”

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The Bury Faith Forum hosts a number of events throughout the year promoting religious and community cohesion.

On October 8, it will invite people of all faiths and none to join its annual procession through Bury to mark the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday.

Focus on Faith will take place on Wednesday, November 15 takes place at the Guardian Angles Parish Centre on Leigh Lane, Bury. Expressions of interest should be sent to