Residents of a borough estate want to change their postcode so they are recognised as Bury residents rather than that of neighbouring Salford.

People living on Watermill Gardens on Kersal Vale Road in Prestwich are campaigning to get their postcode changed from M7 to M25.

They say they would lose "thousands of pounds" if they were to sell their properties. 

The homes were marketed through Cube Homes and Plumlife as Prestwich and everything via social media references the town.

They say they were promised their postcode was in M25 when they bought their homes.

The correct postcode is worked out through the residents' nearest sorting office.

However, the Salford sorting office is 2.9 miles away, the Waterloo Road sorting office is three miles away and the Prestwich sorting office is two miles away.

On this basis the postcode of M7 is incorrect.

Speaking at a council meeting about the issue, Watermill Gardens resident Laura Heaney said: “We live in Prestwich not Salford, it's M7 and we don’t understand why.

“It’s costing us money to Bury Council that we pay into, it’s costing us more because the homes were marketed as M25 so if we were to sell the property it would lose us thousands of pounds.

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“Even just as far as car insurance, it’s costing people thousands on the estate, and we just would like to get it rectified.

“We understand that this is a Royal Mail issue now.

“We really want to make a positive change to try and get this to happen.

“It’s just a shame that, no offence to Salford, but it is by matter of fact that we do live in Prestwich, and we would love to get a resolve on this.”

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In response, council leader Cllr Eamonn O’Brien said: “I fully understand the issue and if we can assist in anyway by lending weight to the argument that you are very much part of Prestwich within the borough of Bury, we will of course do everything we can to support that.”

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