A police operation cracking down on county lines drug dealing gangs has turned its attention to Radcliffe.

Greater Manchester Police's Operation Revoke is set up with a specialist team using "proactive tactics" to tackle criminals who supply drugs in the borough.

The operation was launched in May and officers have been involved in seizures of Class A and Class B drugs with a combined value of approximately £1.5m, making a number of arrests resulting in charges for a range of offences.

After "four months of success" in the Moorside area, officers have now shifted their focus to Radcliffe following reports of problems in the town.

Officers will be in Radcliffe for the coming days before assessing the work that is required going forward.

Within minutes of beginning the week’s operation, a man was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs.

Other work included the seizure of a vehicle, "positive" stop searches and a seizure of cannabis.

While the work involves patrols, police will be gathering "important intelligence" in the fight against crime.

This will include regularly monitoring hotspots, reviewing "known information", and working with partner agencies to ensure the best response to problems.

Sergeant James Donnelly, from the Operation Revoke team, said: “The last few months of Revoke in the Moorside area has been a great success.

“We’ve closed down several drug lines, seized millions of pounds worth of drugs, and locked up criminals who were causing harm within our community.

“We have been very pleased with the results, and I am glad that we have moved to a different part of the borough to continue with our work.

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“Radcliffe residents can expect to see a lot more officers in the area this week, as they carry out the operation.

“The work, which includes working closely with partners, will enable us to assess the best use of resources for Operation Revoke in the coming weeks and months.

“If any residents have any concerns or queries, our officers will be more than happy to talk to you.

“Locals should also monitor our social media pages, for news of upcoming Police and Communities Together meetings and arrests and charges.”

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