A sinkhole has opened up in the middle of a busy main road.

It appeared on one side of the road late last night with neighbours saying they heard a 'loud bang' and felt their homes 'vibrate'.

The road remains open, but when approaching the sinkhole barriers and cones can be seen, meaning cars on one side of the road have to give way to each other to get past.

The road links Bolton and Radcliffe.


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A resident says there has been an issue in the part of the road – close to St John’s Primary School – for around six months after a dip seem to appear.

Bury Times: sinkhole

He said: "Before yesterday there have been one or two people who have come to repair the road."

Residents believe at least one motorist had their car tyre damaged after the sinkhole appeared.

Helen Rice – who lives on the road – said: “They came out the other day  this week and within a couple of hours it had a dip in it again.

“It’s not good, is it?

“My bungalow has been rattling for weeks when something heavy goes past it.

“I don’t think the road is strong enough.

“I heard a loud bang, and I thought some car had gone down it, and then a bloke knocked on the door and said his wheel was damaged.”

A spokesperson for Bury Council said: "We are currently investigating this with United Utilities. "The cause/remedy have not yet been determined."

In 2020 the road was been closed after a huge sinkhole opened up, exposing a sewage main.

Bury Council’s highways team was called out to Outwood Road to an indentation which had developed in the carriageway surface.

However, after safety measures were put in place, the problem continued to deteriorate and a whole section of the road surface fell away into a gaping sinkhole.

It exposed a broken sewage pipe.