Bury's healthcare system is set to be under pressure in the coming months with its winter capacity budget being hit with a £380,000 cut.

A report published ahead of the council's locality board meeting on Monday said the value of the cut represents an 18 per cent reduction.

All Greater Manchester areas have had their budgets cut as health bosses look to make huge savings.

It comes as figures show Fairfield General Hospital (FGH) has seen a 10.8 per cent rise in A&E attendances from April to August (3,341), compared to the same period last year.

Work is in place to tackle the budget issues in Bury but the shortfall may "cause delivery pressures during the winter period".

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The report, written by locality finance lead of NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care (Bury Locality), Simon O’Hare, said: "All localities were recently informed of a reduction in the winter capacity monies that were initially awarded in March 2023, alongside the additional discharge monies.

"The value of this reduction for the Bury locality is £0.38m from a capacity monies allocation of £2.12m, which is a reduction of 18 per cent.

"Services have already been commissioned against this allocation and therefore a process is ongoing, involving all partners, to release this saving but this will impact upon the services that can be delivered and cause delivery pressures during the winter period."

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In another report prepared for the meeting, council chief executive Lynne Ridsdale also highlighted that Greater Manchester's NHS system is "facing a financial pressure of £600m".

She said "significant efficiency savings" are needed from NHS trusts in the region and from "system wide savings".

Ms Ridsdale added: "May I thank very many colleagues for their positive work in addressing the financial challenges.

"For example, thanks to the GP community in Bury who attended an event last week looking at capitalisation on new referral processes and advice and guidance arrangements across a range of specialities at FGH including orthopaedics, cardiology, urology and ENT."