Staff and pupils of a school have teamed up with a community group to clean up the area.

After a staff meeting, teachers at Christ Church CE Primary School in Walshaw agreed that surrounding area looked untidy.

They removed weeds and unwanted clutter that had been left around part of Church Street and encouraged pupils to start thinking about taking care of the area and to get involved in a clean-up.

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It was a chance for some of the pupils to showcase some of their skills outside of the classroom and they enjoyed sweeping up leaves and removing weeds while taking care and pride in their work.

The children spoke about their work in a school assembly and reminded fellow pupils how they can help out and play a part in taking care of the area.

Community group Tottington Civic Pride noticed the work going on from the school and were keen to get involved.

Cllr Yvonne Wright, a member of the group, went to the school with fellow members and through teamwork and motivation they all got to work at making the other side of Church Street tidier again.

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The group will continue to work with the school with other ideas to help maintain the area.

Tottington Cllr Yvonne Wright said: “It was a pleasure to work alongside the pupils of Christ Church CE Primary School in Walshaw.

“Their parents are proud of them, the local community are grateful, and I am very impressed by their enthusiasm and hope that these pupils inspire other schools and residents to clear weeds near their schools and homes.

“Highlighting civic pride to young people is commendable.”