IT’S not every band who can boast that they have been given some exclusive footage by NASA to use in their live shows.

But then, Starlite & Campbell are not just any band.

The husband and wife duo - Suzy Starlite and Simon Campbell are returning to their spiritual home of Bury Met on Friday night with a new album - Starlite.One - under their belt and a hugely ambitious live show to go with it.

The pair now live in Portugal which makes Friday’s show even more special for Bury-born Simon.

“We have played the Met several times before,” said Simon, “and the staff there are just superb. Technically they are such a sharp team.”

This expertise has prompted Simon and Suzy to make tomorrow’s show a full multi-media experience complete with artwork, back projections - and that NASA footage.

“On a whim I just decided to write to NASA,” said Suzy. “I had no expectations of them even replying to me yet within days I got an email with some 4K HD footage from space attached for us to use in the show.

“I was like a little kid.”

“You tend to think that NASA will be some impenetrable organisation but they responded immediately and what they have sent has not been seen anywhere before. That’s amazingly generous.”

Starlight.One marks a new direction for Suzy and Simon. Simon comes from a blues background and was nominated for a British Blues Award.

Simon and Suzie had been recording, playing and touring in bands for many years when they met in 2012, when Suzy asked Simon to join her band to play guitar. The love extended past each other’s playing and the duo were wed in 2014, forming their new joint band in January 2016.

“With the new album we really wanted to open up the soundscape,” said Suzy. “We have written about the time we are living in and there are the melodies and meaningful lyrics which fans have come to expect from us but the scope of the project is just so much bigger.

“They are beautiful songs which we wanted to treat in a different way. We were definitely pushing ourselves and we didn’t really know where it was going to lead us which is what you should do as an artist. It’s all about pushing forward and seeing what happens.”

Suzy and Simon have set themselves a major challenge with their Bury show. On stage it will be just the two of them playing an array of instruments plus Portuguese drummer Hugo Danin.

“Chiefly for financial reasons we’re touring as a trio,” said Simon. “It is just so very expensive to take a show out on tour. But we will be using computers and synths in the show to play back stuff we recorded in the studio to add to the sound and then we’ll be trying to keep on top of everything playing a multitude of instruments live.

“We haven’t made it easy for ourselves that’s for sure,” he laughed, “but then you don’t want it to be too easy.”

Starlite & Campbell - they changed their name from the Starlight Campbell Band to coincide with the launch of Starlite.One last month - have fans all over the world.

“That’s great that we have fans in America, Australia and so many other countries who all buy the albums,” said Simon. “It just makes it difficult for them to all get together to see us play live.”

To solve the problem, Friday's show at the Met will be recorded in its entirety which the band plan to stream to fans at a later date.

“Of course having all the projections, the artwork and so on does make it so much more complicated,” said Simon, “but you look at all those performers who put on great art rock shows such as David Bowie, Pink Floyd or Smile. They didn’t compromise.”

Suzy added: “We just want to have a beautiful night together with our fans. A live show is very much a communal experience and audiences want you to play with heart and emotion.

“The Met show is a chance for people to be part of the band’s history and it is up to us to give the best performance we can.”

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