Prestwich residents have expressed their concerns that a much-loved park remains in a poor condition following an annual music event.

St Mary’s Park has been subject to ongoing remedial works following the Festwich music festival, which took place on the site at the end of July.

Earlier this year, a nearby resident complained the greenspace had been left "like a swap" following the festival, which was made worse by a period of heavy rain throughout July and August.

The council has since confirmed that the organisers of Festwich have undertaken work to restore the grass at the park, but that a large area of still water has now formed on the compacted ground.

Bury Times: The state of the park in August after FestwichThe state of the park in August after Festwich (Image: Darren Laskier)

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One resident, who asked not to be named, regularly uses the park but says the ground has been left "smelly" and unpleasant.

She said: “In the area across the path at the back of the path near the Phoenix Youth and Community Centre the ground is absolutely ruined.

“It smells quite offensive, it smells like excrement and its not pleasant at all."

The resident said that the park is usually a really positive community asset and worries how the state of the grass will affect community activities such as football.

She added: “It just seems to be taking a long time (to be fixed) if this is going to happen every year, is it worth it?”

Cllr Sean Thorpe, who represents St Mary’s ward, said he is keen to reassure residents that the council is keen to restore the park its usual state and that it is working with Festwich organisers to ensure this happens.

He said: “After Festwich we met with Festwich organisers to agree remedial work and they were delayed with undertaking this because of the weather.

Bury Times: St Mary's Park as it looked in September 2022St Mary's Park as it looked in September 2022 (Image: Cllr Alan Quinn)

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“They undertook remedial work in September and after that we have been monitoring the situation as councillors.”

He said that due to ongoing heavy rain following remedial work carried out in September, a large area of still water has formed at the park.

He said the council will conduct a review into the cause of the flood and to ascertain to what extent the festival is responsible, if at all, for the damage.

After a report is produced, it will continue to work with Festwich to improve the park.

“We are committed to making it right,” Cllr Thorpe added.

Festwich organisers have been approached for comment.