A support worker has spoken about the last day she spent caring for a "bubbly and lovely" teenage care home patient before her tragic death.

Molly Partington died aged 18 on August 17 last year after reportedly jumping off a bridge on the M66.

At the time, she was staying at Stubble Bank care home in Ramsbottom, which provides accommodation for people who require nursing or personal care.

At her inquest at Rochdale Coroners' Court on Tuesday, Ellie Mahon, who was a support worker at the care home at the time of Mollie's death, gave evidence.

Ellie said: “Molly made everyone happy, she was lovely and always happy and bubbly.”

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The day before Molly died, August 16, 2022, Ellie, who had a good relationship with the young patient, was working.

Ellie said she started work at around 2pm and spent lots of time with Molly watching films and playing games and remembers that the patient was in a good mood.

But at around 8.30pm, Ellie said that Molly went upstairs, and it was discovered later that the patient had seriously cut her leg, a situation that support workers were not able to deal with on their own.

Another member of staff phoned for an ambulance to arrive, which Molly did not want to happen, the inquest was told.

Ellie said Molly was showing mixed emotions at the time, when one moment she would be happy and chatty and the next she would turn cold, unlike herself at all.

When paramedics arrived, Molly said she wanted to die several times, the inquest was told.

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Police chief inspector Stuart Jones told the inquest that North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) called the force to say Molly had a blade on her and was continuing to harm herself.

But CI Jones said it was found that there was no blade and officers attended to support NWAS.

Ellie told the inquest that Molly needed to go to hospital and asked who would be accompanying her.

But she was told Molly would have to go to hospital alone as staff needed to stay at the home.

When asked how Molly would be able to get back to Stubble Bank, Ellie said paramedics told them they would contact the home when she needed picking up.

Molly was handcuffed and taken to hospital in an ambulance and police brought her back to Stubble Bank after her leg wound had been treated.

CI Jones said Molly had been banging her head and pulling her hair out in the back of the police van on the drive home.

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Ellie expressed concerns that Stubble Bank would be able to keep Molly safe from further harm.

After arriving back at the care home, Molly began walking away but Ellie managed to persuade her to come back inside as it was cold and rainy night.

After Molly settled down, Ellie said "goodnight" to her and that she would see her tomorrow.

But that was the last time Ellie saw her.

The inquest, before senior coroner Joanne Kearsley, continues.

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