A Bury councillor has urged all faiths to "join together" and condemn acts of hatred as the death toll continue to rise in Israel.

The latest conflict between Israel and Palestinian Islamist group Hamas has claimed at least 2,100 lives on both sides.

In Bury, police have deployed extra officers to key locations to prevent potential incidents.

Sedgley Cllr Richard Gold, who is the council's cabinet member for finance and communities, said: “Everyone is shocked and horrified at the bloodshed in Israel over the weekend, an act of terrorism that has caused the deaths of hundreds of innocent people.

“We have a large and long-established Jewish community in our borough, who will be deeply worried by these events, especially the many people who will have friends and family in Israel.

Bury Times: Councillor Richard Gold

“With our partners, we will be doing all we can to support and reassure them at this deeply distressing time.

“In Bury we are proud to have people from all faiths and none, who live in harmony with their neighbours.

“We would encourage everyone to join together to condemn these acts and ensure that there are no acts of hate carried out in our communities.

“We offer our full support to the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and the Community Safety Trust in helping to keep our Jewish community safe.

Bury Times: Hundreds of Israeli soldiers, in helmets and body armour, were deployed to a village

“The police have already deployed additional officers to key locations to reassure residents, prevent crime and prevent incidents.

“We are working with them to keep people safe and take action against those who would stir up trouble, damage property or issue threats.

“We are continuously assessing the situation and will do what needs to be done to protect our Jewish community.”

Prestwich-based Jewish social care charity, The Fed, has offered support to citizens of Israel and their staff, residents and clients who have been "deeply affected".

Via Facebook, a spokesperson from the charity said: “Many of The Fed's residents, tenants, clients, staff and volunteers have been deeply affected by what can only be described as a horrific and traumatic weekend in Israel.

“We want to share with the Manchester Jewish community our extreme shock, sadness and despair at the grave situation in Israel.

“We know that our community is devastated by the thousands of people of all ages who have been murdered, wounded, and kidnapped.

"As the community showed its solidarity with The Fed and other front line charities during the pandemic we know our responsibility today is to do the same.

“At a time when many are asking what we can do to support the citizens of Israel in this time of need, we are taking this opportunity to encourage anyone looking for a way to show their support to assist those organisations capable of providing critical assistance to people on the ground.

“In what are the most challenging times many of us have ever seen for Klal Yisrael, we stand together in strength and solidarity.”

The organisations listed by The Fed as being capable of providing critical assistance includes:

• Magen David Adom: bit.ly/3trmIZp

• UJIA: bit.ly/46HX1C5

• ZAKA: bit.ly/3rAmZZz