A drug driver drove at more than twice the speed limit and on the wrong side of the road on blind bends during an early hours police chase.

Matthew Hockham was spotted speeding in in Radcliffe on September 5 last year, Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court was told.

Prosecutor Adam Watkins said police were on patrol on Pilkington Way when they spotted a Honda Civic driven by Hockham arrive from the direction of Ainsworth Road at speed at 1.20am.

Officers attempted to catch up with the car and discovered that the licence plates were actually registered for a Land Rover, the court was told.

Mr Watkins said: “During the pursuit the Honda did a sharp U-turn at some traffic lights and set off the opposite way.

“Police activated their emergency equipment and began a pursuit.”

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The court heard Hockham made a series of dangerous manoeuvres during the pursuit and drove at 70mph on 30mph limit residential streets.

He also drove on the wrong side of the road while going around blind bends, Mr Watkins said.

Hockham then ended up on Clyde Road, which is a cul-de-sac, and reversed into the police car and two parked cars, causing a moderate amount of damage.

When he realised he would not be able to escape, he ran away from the car and was chased by officers until he was eventually detained and arrested at 1.27am.

Police said they could smell cannabis on him, and after a blood sample was taken, it was discovered Hockham was over the drug driving limit for cannabis and cocaine.

He also didn’t have a valid driving licence or insurance either.

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Mark Savage, defending, said that Hockham understands he could have injured bystanders.

However, he added that the defendant had a troubled childhood and has been his dad's carer since the age of 16 due to him having manic depression and bipolar disorder.

Mr Savage also added that Hockham, of Fairfield Road, Buxton, has not touched cocaine since the time of the offence and is adamant he will not use it again.

Mr Savage said: “He is a decent young man who made a horrendous error of judgement, and he behaved in a way that he wouldn’t normally do.”

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Recorder Jennifer Cleeve said that Hockham made some highly dangerous manoeuvres, and he is extremely lucky no one was hurt.

However, she credited him for pleading guilty to the offences of dangerous driving, drug driving, failing to stop, driving without insurance and driving without a licence at the first opportunity.

And Recorder Cleeve took into account his caring responsibilities for his father.

Hockham, 32, was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment suspended for 18 months.

He is required to attend 20 rehabilitation requirement sessions and complete 150 hours of unpaid work.

Hockham has also been disqualified from driving for one year and will need to take a driving retest.