Plans to open a residential children’s home has prompted concerns from residents over anti-social behaviour.

The proposals, which have been submitted to the council for approval, would see a former residential property on Randale Drive in Unsworth converted to provide accommodation for up to three young people between the ages of seven and 17.

The plans have been lodged on behalf of Upward Care Solutions, which operates more than 30 homes across the UK, including in Manchester.

The home will provide supported accommodation for young people with social, emotional and behavioural issue with staff on site at all times.

The applicant says the home would have little impact on the setting of the area, as the total number of occupants would be similar to that of an average family home.

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It said: “The house will provide accommodation for three young persons at a time.

"The young person will be provided with their own bedroom to ensure they feel safe and have their own personalised environment.

“This will promote a family residential home living setting while nurturing young people and ensuring their early life outcomes are achieved.

“The house will have three staff members between the hours of 9-5 (Monday/Friday) and two members of staff 24/7.”

Residents have expressed concern over the proposals as they fear the care home could increase anti-social behaviour in the area, especially as the it is home to many elderly people.

A total of 21 objections have been published in relation to the application.

Several objectors told the council that the new care home would risk violating their entitlement to peaceful enjoyment of their homes under the Human Rights Act.

One person said: “This is a nice place to live, we don't want our lifestyle being disrupted by these youths who will be a bad influence on our local children.

"It is well known that these young people with issues create problems, it is likely that the police will be called to incidents and the address at all times of the day and night.”

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Another added: “The proposal is entirely to the detriment of all local residents who have for many years enjoyed living in a community-spirited, quiet residential area.

“It will inevitably cause anti-social behaviour in the area to increase, house prices to reduce and community relations to fray.”

Bury Council Children’s Services have written in approval for the new home which will be regulated by education watchdog, Ofsted.

No decision has yet been made by the council’s planning committee as the public consultation remains open.