If you're looking for a new murder mystery show, look no further.

Channel 5's new The Good Ship Murder is just that and mixes holiday with a side of murder.

The show sees former detective Jack Grayling begin his new career path as a  cabaret singer on a cruise ship touring Mediterranean holiday hotspots.

But, things turn dark after a passenger is found murdered in their first port of call seeing Jack find himself thrust back into his former life as a detective. 

Elsewhere, newly promoted First Officer Kate Woods' dream of her own command is thrown into jeopardy.

The Good Ship Murder features two previous Coronation Street stars with Catherine Tyldesley and Shayne Ward leading the show.

The Good Ship Murder full cast list:

  • Jack Grayling: Shayne Ward
  • Kate Woods: Catherine Tyldesley
  • Jamil Al-Rashid: Zak Douglas
  • Beverly Carnell: Claire Sweeney
  • Piers de Vreese: Geoffrey Breton
  • Capt Gregory Jennings: Vincent Ebrahim
  • Brenda Donnelly: Charlie Hardwick
  • Tony Donnelly: Nigel Betts
  • Yuval Goldmann: Nikolai Tsankov
  • Pascal Lavigne: Ricci Jean Philippe
  • Nathan Graelish: Richard Pepper
  • Maureen Weaver: Karen Henthorn

How to watch The Good Ship Murder

You can watch The Good Ship Murder on Channel 5 and My5 from 9pm starting on Friday, October 13.

Altogether there will be eight episodes of the new show.