Measures to tackle speeding motorists and reduce accidents are being put forward for a village where there have been a number of crashes.

Highways chiefs have outlined a 'traffic calming' strategy for Ainsworth Village which includes a new mini-roundabout.

The proposed measures are part of Bury’s 2023/24 Road Safety Initiative to improve roads at locations where existing speeds, rat running traffic and accident levels are of concern to residents.

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The scheme in Ainsworth will be focused on Church Street, which has seen around six accidents in the past year.

Measure include the introduction of a new mini roundabout at the intersection of Church Street and Bradley Fold Road.

The introduction of a new humped puffin crossing to replace the existing pedestrian refuge to the east of Harley Avenue.

The narrowing of carriageway running lines through existing pedestrian refuges.

To add a hump to the existing puffin crossing near Ainsworth Hall Road.

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The introduction of an interactive safety sign and appropriate lines, surfacing and signs.

Residents have been asked to say if they support these measures or not and have until November 6 to do so.

There were four car accidents in the space of four weeks on Church Street in March with residents describing the road as an 'airport runway'.

Local residents have had their cars written off from people smashing into them as well as their front garden gates being destroyed where cars have narrowly missed their houses.

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These new traffic calming measures are designed to improve safety for all road users and deliver benefits for the local community.

One villager said: "Something needs to be done to slow down traffic in Ainsworth, it is horrendous.

"I'm not sure mini roundabouts are always the solution.

"Speeding cameras I do think should be considered as part of the measures, they provide the greatest deterrent of all."

Ainsworth councillor Jo Lancaster said: “I’m pleased the council are finally doing something with the road. 

“Myself and other villagers have been campaigning for this for years. I’m disappointed they have not listened to our concerns further down Bury Old Road at the junction of Arthur Lane. 

“This is a dangerous junction where there have also been many collisions and we have suggested stop junctions or a roundabout in the past. 

“I also feel speed cameras are necessary on Church Street where it meets with Cockey Moor Road. 

“I do have concerns the new proposal for the roundabout is too close to the traffic island. 

“In the past engineers from another local authority advised this island is too close to the busy junction already. 

“I have seen many accidents here, one evening I had to clear the carriageway myself removing a bumper and other debris after there was a bad collision. The car wrote off three cars on that occasion. 

“Our neighbourhood police team have been fantastic regularly doing speed checks in the area.

"I think it’s about time the council are listening to our concerns.”