Travellers have set up camp in a supermarket car park.

A number of vehicles have parked up near Asda in Pilsworth.

UPDATE: Action to remove travellers from a car park under way

Bury Council say as the travellers are on private land there is nothing it can do.

Earlier this month the local authority removed travellers from another spot in the town.

The group of caravans had been seen at the Seedfield Resource Centre on Parkinson Street, Bury.

On that occasion the local authority began the eviction process.

But now the council has said it cannot act as it is on private land.

Travellers have previously parked up on the car park at Asda Radcliffe.

Bury Council installed barriers after numerous instances of illegal encampments, anti-social behaviour, and human excrement in a Green Flag park.

St Mary’s Park in Prestwich is now sporting padlocked height barriers in the hopes that it will prevent travellers from camping illegally there.

It is hoped the new safety installation will soon be backed up by three 4G security cameras.

Asda has been approached for a comment.