A Lancashire village has been named among the creepiest villages in the UK.

Travel experts at StressFreeCarRental have researched spine-chilling spots that are guaranteed to cause a fright.

John Charnock, CEO of StressFreeCarRental said: “Those hoping to embrace the supernatural are in luck because there are plenty of creepy villages in the UK. 

“Britain has a long and gruesome history, including witch trials, public executions and plague pits.

“From Roslin in Scotland said to be home to the mummified head of Jesus Christ to possible evidence of zombies and vampires in Wharram Percy, the UK is full of chilling destinations. 

"Those planning to take a road trip to visit these locations this Halloween should check their cars before heading home in case they have any unwanted visitors lurking in the back seat.”

Lancashire village named among creepiest villages in the UK

Samlesbury in Lancashire has been named the fourth creepiest village in the UK.

The village is home to Samlesbury Hall, a haunted and historic house said to be renowned as one of the most haunted locations in Britain with a ghostly reputation notorious amongst paranormal enthusiasts.

Its spooky history includes the tragic tale of Dorothy Southworth who is said to roam the hall, a murdered and decapitated priest, and witch trials. 

Creepiest villages in the UK

Here is the list of the top eight creepiest villages in the UK, according to StressFreeCarRental:

  1. Pluckley, Kent
  2. Clophill, Bedfordshire
  3. Wharram Percy, Yorkshire
  4. Samlesbury, Lancashire
  5. Roslin, Scotland
  6. Lawers, Scotland
  7. Tintern, Wales
  8. Ballygally, Northern Ireland

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