Bury’s Layton Williams said ‘my mum will be proud’ when Bella Ramsey, The Last of Us star, said she could hear his Bury accent on last night's The Graham Norton Show.

During his first ever appearance on the show yesterday evening, Friday October 20, Layton was joined by Patrick Stewart, Ralph Fiennes, Joan Collins and Bella on the sofa.

And while Graham was interviewing Patrick Stewart, he asked both Layton and Nottingham's Bella if they were ever encouraged to lose their accents.

Bury Times: Layton Williams on the Graham Norton Show

Layton, who grew up on the Dickie Bird estate, said: “I went to theatre school from the age of 12 and it was just easier to just speak sometimes like everybody else spoke and I just started to round my words.

“But recently if I play a northern character and go home to my mum, she says why are you speaking like that you don’t even sound like you’re from here anymore.

“So, it is a bit wishy washy.”

Bella asked Layton where he was from, with him stating: “I’m from Bury which is like Greater Manchester.

“So, I’ve got a little bit of a twang.”

Bella responded stating ‘I can hear it’ with Layton responded ‘thanks, my mum will be proud, yay’.

Also on the show, Layton revealed he was nervous for his spins during his performance on last Saturday night’s Strictly Come Dancing because in dress rehearsals he fell on his knees.

Layton spoke about the nerves he had as he went to perform his cha cha cha. 

But despite the nerves he wowed the judges as Layton received the earliest 10 ever for the cha cha cha.

The Bad Education star, 29, wowed judges with his and partner Nikita Kuzmin’s performance to Million Dollar Bill by Whitney Houston, scoring an impressive 37 points.

Speaking about the experience on the show, Layton said: “I was so nervous for that moment [the spinning] because in the dress rehearsal I fell on my knees before them spins so I was like please, please, please just let it be right.

“And then as soon as we got the spins, I jumped in the splits, I was like YES.”

Layton shared how he is ‘enjoying every moment’ of being on Strictly as he is set to perform again tonight, October 21, this time doing a salsa.

Strictly Come Dancing returns this evening, Saturday October 21, at 6.35pm, with the results show on Sunday October 22 at 7.15pm on BBC One.

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