A peaceful demonstration standing in solidarity with Palestine will be held in Bury town centre tomorrow (Sunday, October 29).

Community groups in Bury have organised for a peaceful demonstration to take place in the afternoon at Whitehead Gardens, situated just off Knowsley Street in Bury town centre.

The BAME Project, which aims to integrate ‘our diverse community’, has played a key role in organising the demonstration to ‘stand in solidarity with Palestine’.

A spokesperson from the group said: “The BAME Project in partnership with Bury Active Women's Centre and Smile Aid Charity have organised the peaceful demonstration which is to stand in Solidarity.

Bury Times: A peaceful demonstration standing in solidarity with Palestine

"We have organised this for our diverse community to come together & firstly pray for the civilians of Israel and Palestine whom have lost their lives.

"Secondly we want to raise and be the voice of those still suffering brutal attacks from the Israel government not just over the past couple of weeks but for the ongoing unlawful occupation in Gaza."

They added: "We want to send a strong message to our government and the United Nation, International Law is been breached, innocent lives are being punished and taken, and immediate unconditional ceasefire is needed now.

"Allowing and not limiting humanitarian aid of food, water, medicine and fuel in to Gaza.

"We are fortunate in Bury to have a diverse community who come together at difficult times like these, no matter if its in UK or anywhere in the world."

Protests have been taking place across the UK since Hamas militants carried out a terrorist attack in Israel, killing hundreds of civilians and taking hundreds more hostages.

Israel then responded with what it said is a targeted bombardment of Hamas strongholds in Gaza; however thousands of Palestinian civilians, many of whom are children, have been killed in the blasts, with more than a million people displaced and food, water and fuel becoming increasingly scarce.

A UN motion for a ceasefire passed by 120 votes to 14, with Israel and the US voting against it and the UK abstaining, however it is non-binding.

While not backing a ceasefire, the UK is supporting calls for 'humanitarian pauses' to allow aid into Palestine and the safe return of Israeli hostages.

It comes as a mum from Prestwich recently spoke out about her daughter, who is trapped in Gaza.

Zaynab Wandawi, 29, who is a teacher of English as a second language, travelled to Gaza at the beginning of October with her husband and his family, including seven siblings and his mother, for a family member’s wedding.

She said that for “a couple of days” their trip was “relatively normal, for what Gaza considers normal” before Hamas militants carried out terrorist attacks in Israel, but they are now trapped in a warzone.

Zaynab’s mum, Lalah Ali-Faten, 52, from Prestwich, said she has been in touch with the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, but is receiving “more or less generic responses”.

Lalah said: “Their internet signal is very weak. So I wait for a message from her in the morning to see if she’s made it through the night, and as soon as I get a message there’s a temporary relief, but then as soon as her internet goes, I don’t know what’s happening.

“It’s been harrowing to be honest, from one minute to the next I don’t know if she’s alive, so that has affected us as a family really.

“Her birthday was on the 24th so she spent her birthday there, she turned 29 a few days ago. I see her on the calls and she’s visibly shaking, she’s not herself, she’s definitely traumatised, as are all the people there.”

The demonstration of 'standing in solidarity with Palestine’ will be held on Sunday, October 29, at 4pm in Bury.