A 53-year-old man was arrested by police during a protest for Palestine in Bury town centre yesterday.

The man was taken into the back of a police van,  'to prevent a breach of the peace'.

This took place at Whitehead Park during a 'peaceful demonstration' for the people of Palestine. 

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said: "Yesterday (Sunday 29 October) police were on hand to offer visibility and reassurance at a planned vigil which took place in Whitehead Gardens, Bury, in response to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

"One man, aged 53, was arrested to prevent a breach of the peace. He was released from custody after the protest ended."

The protest continued to take place at Whitehead Gardens on Knowsley Street.

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Community groups in Bury organised the demonstration, with the BAME Project, which aims to integrate ‘our diverse community’, playing a key role in organising the event to ‘stand in solidarity with Palestine’.

One organiser said: “We want to raise and be the voice of those still suffering brutal attacks from the Israel government not just over the past couple of weeks but for the ongoing unlawful occupation in Gaza." 

The protests come as doctors in Gaza say Israeli forces have demanded they evacuate a key hospital in the enclave, which they say is impossible with 400 inpatients currently being cared for, and thousands of civilians taking shelter.

Israel begun its ground invasion of Palestine over the weekend and continued its bombing of Gaza, which begun after a Hamas terror attack on October 7 which killed hundreds of civilians.

Since the bombing began, thousands of civilians in Gaza have been killed, Hamas has said.

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