A lane rental scheme is coming to Bury to help reduce the impact of roadworks and how long they will occupy the highway.

Bury North MP James Daly questioned Transport Secretary Mark Harper about the scheme in the House of Commons and it was confirmed that it will be coming to Greater Manchester.

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A lane rental scheme allows a local highway authority to charge companies for the time that road works occupy the highway.

Charges would apply to works by utility companies and local highway authorities on the local road network.

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It is designed to incentivise companies to undertake roadworks outside of peak times and get them completed quickly.

Mr Daly said: “These schemes have been shown to reduce the impact of roadworks on people, providing a clear financial incentive for companies and council contractors to reduce disruption.

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“This is something that really frustrates people across Bury so if there is a proven method of reducing the impact, I think it is important we implement it.”

Mr Harper added: “I am very pleased to report that following his very effective representations and those of others, the mayor of Greater Manchester’s Bee Network Committee recently endorsed a decision to develop a proposal to introduce lane rental in Greater Manchester and ongoing discussions are now taking place with local authorities.”

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