One of Asda's youngest shoppers has been making his face known locally after falling in love with two of the supermarket giant's stores.

Twenty-one-month-old Aiden O’Sullivan has become a familiar sight at Asda's Radcliffe and Rochdale stores and is often noticed by staff and shoppers whilst pushing his toy trolley.

Aiden joins his mum, Amanda O’Sullivan on her shopping trips and loves the stores so much that he even plays shopping at home.

Bury Times: Twenty-one-month-old AidenTwenty-one-month-old Aiden (Image: Asda)

Amanda said: "Aiden will ask to go to Asda randomly and out of the blue.

“He waves when we pass in the car and has cried when he can’t go.

“We all say he’s probably going to go to Asda for his first job while at college or uni when he’s older!”

The youngster even has a hi vis jacket, name badge, scanner, shopping bags and basket as well as toy Asda delivery vans for when he plays at home.

Amanda added: “Aiden is Asda crazy and has been for a very long time.

“His dad, Mark, bought him his first Asda delivery truck as he was forever spotting them everywhere we went. He loves it and has since added to his fleet."

Aiden has become a firm favourite with colleagues and customers in both stores.

Service section leader Stuart, from the Radcliffe Asda store, said: "Aiden is a delightful little boy when he is in store pushing his little trolley and he loves to scan the shopping through as well.

"Everyone in the store thinks he is so adorable."

Customers have joked that he "needs to be on the payroll" for being such a good advertisement for the stores. 

Another praised him for being such a "wonderful young man" adding that they would not be surprised to see him as the manager one day in the future.