A Greater Manchester council has revealed the 284 roads which will be gritted this winter when severe cold weather strikes.

Bury Council’s winter service team have released facts and figures on the service which include having teams on standby from late October until the start of April, ready to act whenever temperatures take a dip.

Last winter, the first grit run was on November 28 and the service was activated a further 55 times, with gritters travelling around 12,260 miles and spreading approximately 1,500 tonnes of salt. Decisions to grit, or not grit, are based on the local forecast provided by Metdesk and when called the gritters cover just over a third of Bury’s road network.

There are 16 drivers and four decision makers on a rota throughout the season. On a single shift, the team on standby is made up of four drivers and one decision maker.

Four vehicles are used to cover the four gritting routes, each taking up to five hours to complete, depending on traffic and weather conditions. A spare vehicle is also kept in reserve, in case of breakdowns.

In preparation for the onset of severe weather, Bury Council has a stock of 2,500 tonnes of Safecote treated salt which is stored at Bolton Council’s depot to improve opportunities for sharing resources should the need arise.

Safecote salt is used because it is coated with molasses and sticks to the road surface better.

It is also less corrosive. There are 324 salt bins in place at known trouble spots across the borough.

These are placed where there are sharp bends or steep inclines and where historically snow and ice have caused problems. Coun Alan Quinn, cabinet member for the environment, climate change and operations, said: “We plan well ahead to be ready for the arrival of winter and to make sure our experienced team is ready for action. Keeping Bury moving and keeping people safe is a priority.

“Forecasts will be constantly monitored so that we can pick the best times to send the gritters out and our team will be on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week, working through the night until next April when needed.

“Almost 142 miles of roads are salted during one round of complete gritting, that’s 35 per cent of the total road network in the borough. And, when necessary, gritting teams also carry out snow clearance, with ploughs fitted to vehicles.”

During very severe weather conditions, when snow or ice may remain for several days, Bury Council also considers treating some public footpaths, providing that all their priority gritting routes are clear and we have sufficient resources available. The council said priority for treating pedestrian footpaths went to primary and secondary shopping centres and linked car parks, public buildings including offices, leisure centres and libraries, elderly persons homes, routes to schools, police stations, health centres and stairs and inclines leading from subways.

Here’s the full list of treated roads and streets in each of Bury’s six townships:

Treated roads and streets in Bury

Ainsworth Road

Alfred Street

Angouleme Way

Arley Avenue

Bell Lane

Bolton Road

Bolton Street

Bond Street

Brandlesholme Road

Bridge Road

Broad Street

Brook Street

Burnley Road

Burrswood Avenue

Bury and Bolton Road

Bury Interchange

Bury New Road

Castle Hill Road

Castlecroft Road

Chesham Road

Chester Street

Cornwall Drive

Croft Lane

Crostons Road

Cuckoo Lane

Derby Way

Dumers Lane

Dunster Road

Duxbury Drive

Fairlands Road

Falshaw Drive


George Street

Gigg Lane

Gorse Bank

Hall Street

Halvard Avenue

Hampton Grove

Harvard Road

Harvey Street

Harwood Road

Haslam Street

Haymarket Street

Hewart Drive

Heywood Street

High Street

Highbank Road

Hillside Crescent

Hollins Brow

Hollins Lane

Hunstanton Drive

Huntley Mount Road

Jubilee Way

Kennedy Drive

Killon Street

Kingfisher Drive

Knowsley Street

Limefield Brow

Lord Street

Lowercroft Road

Magdalene Road

Manchester Road

Market Street

Maxwell Street

Middleton Road

Millett Street


Moss Street

Mount Pleasant

Newbold Street

Park 66

Parkhills Road

Parr Lane

Parsonage Street

Peel Way

Pilsworth Road

Plumpton Drive

Radcliffe Road

Rochdale Old Road

Rochdale Road

Salford Street

Silver Street

Spring Street

St Marks Square

Sunny Bank Road

Tenterden Street

The Rock

Thompson Drive

Thrush Drive

Topping Fold Road

Tottington Road

Walmersley Old Road

Walmersley Road

Walshaw Road

Wash Lane

Watling Street

Wellington Road

Willow Street

Woodhill Road

Treated roads and streets in Prestwich

Agecroft Road

Bury New Road

Bury Old Road

Butterstile Lane

Carr Avenue

Cawley Avenue

Cuckoo Lane

Fairfax Road

Heys Road

Heywood Road

Hilton Lane

Kersal Road

Kersal Vale Road

Kershaw Avenue

Kings Road

Lowther Road

Meade Hill Road

Mount Road

Nursery Road

Ostrich Lane

Poppythorn Lane

Rainsough Brow

Rectory Lane

Sandy Lane

Scholes Lane

Scott Road

Sedgley Park Road

Sedgley Road

Sheepfoot Lane

Shelley Road

Simister Lane

St Anns Road

St Margarets Road

St Marys Road

Valley Park Road

Venwood Road

Whittaker Lane

Woodward Road

Treated roads and streets in Radcliffe

Ainsworth Road

Arthur Lane

Blackburn Street

Bolton Road

Bradley Fold

Bradley Fold Estate

Bradley Fold Road

Bradley Lane

Bury and Bolton Road

Bury New Road

Bury Old Road

Bury Road

Bury Street

Cemetery Road

Church Street

Church Street West

Cockey Moor Road

Coronation Road

Countess Lane

Cross Lane

Cross Street

Dale Street


Dumers Lane

Eton Hill Road

Harwood Road

Higher Ainsworth Road

Hutchinson Way

Kearsley Road

Kilburn Road

Lowe Street

New Road

Outwood Road

Pilkington Road

Pilkington Way

Radcliffe Bus Interchange

Radcliffe Moor Road

Radcliffe New Road

Rectory Lane

Ringley Road

Ringley Road West

Sion Street

Spring Lane

Stand Lane

Starling Road

Stopes Road

Thomas Street

Turks Road

Water Street

Westminster Avenue

Treated roads and streets in Ramsbottom

Bank Street

Bass Lane

Bolton Road

Bolton Road West

Bolton Street

Booth Street

Brandlesholme Road

Bridge Street

Bury New Road

Bury Road

Carr Street

Cemetery Road

Chapel Lane

Chapel Street

Church Street

Cliff Avenue

Crag Avenue

Crag Lane

Dundee Lane

Eliza Street

Hall Street

Helmshore Road

High Street

Holcombe Road

Kay Brow

Longsight Road

Lumb Carr Road

Manchester Road

Market Place

Market Street

Mayfield Road

Newcombe Road

Nuttall Lane

Peel Brow

Peel Hall Road

Porritt Way/ Bus Terminus

Railway Street

Ramsbottom Lane

Ramsbottom Road

Rawsons Rake

Rowlands Road

Stubbins Lane

Summerseat Lane

Tanners Street

Tottington Road

Turton Road

Vernon Road

Walmersley Road

Walshaw Road

Whalley Road

Whittingham Drive

Wood Lane

Treated roads and streets in Tottington

Bank Street

Bolton Road

Bolton Road West

Booth Street

Bradshaw Road

Brandlesholme Road

Bury Road

Church Street

Hall Street

Harwood Road

Laurel Street

Longsight Road

Market Street

Ramsbottom Road

Tottington Road

Turton Road

Watling Street

Treated roads and streets in Whitefield

Barn Street

Bury New Road

Bury Old Road

Church Lane

Clyde Avenue

Croft Lane

Dales Lane

Hardmans Road

Higher Lane

Hillingdon Road

Hollins Lane

Manchester Road

Mayfair Avenue

Mersey Drive

Moss Lane

Oak Lane

Old Hall Road

Park Lane

Parr Lane

Pilsworth Road

Pinfold Lane

Radcliffe New Road

Ribble Drive

Ringley Road

Sandgate Road

Stand Lane

Stanley Road

Sunningdale Avenue

Thatch Leach Lane