Louis Theroux returned to his candid sit-down celebrity series tonight with the two-time former heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua.

The hour-long ringside chat was all smiles, to begin with, but – reflecting on recent defeats and public reaction to his behaviour – the cracks of being under so much pressure soon begin to show: “It’s too much; gone are the days when it was for the fun.”

He spoke about his roots, his family, his son JJ and his current single status. 

"I ain't got no missus no", after Louis brought up his links to famous women, such as Cara Delevingne, to which AJ has denied ever being with. "When a girl marries me she ain't just marrying me she's marrying my family," Joshua said.

Joshua's links to his hometown Watford were also explored as Theroux pointed out he's still "fiercely loyal" to the area. Despite being an uber-successful boxer, he explained how he wanted to help the people in his old community who "are really struggling here".

"If I can I'll give you a leg up. It's up to you to climb though. Imagine me being me in my position and not helping anyone out. I don't want to say that word on camera but that's not a good guy."

Theroux leaves Joshua speechless

In one extraordinary moment, Joshua was left speechless after Theroux brought up his desire and willingness to keep going and raised points from other commentators.

"One or two commentators of some credibility, ex-boxers, have said 'I don't know why he doesn't retire, his heart's not in it, he says he does it for money, money is not a reason. If he doesn't want to do it he shouldn't.'"

Joshua, in response, stared at Theroux for what felt like an uncomfortably long time, scratching his chin.

Joshua replied: "Sometimes it leaves me speechless because everything I say because everything I say are we gonna dissect every little thing I say and use it as a narrative as a story."

"But if we take the money part out-" Theroux chimed in, before AJ interrupted.

"No, but people are living in their own head. They put their own thoughts and make it their reality they don't ask me. Does the money play a part? yeah, it plays a part. But I'm passionate this is what I've dedicated my life to. Do I know more about boxing now? Yeah, I'm a better boxer now."

Louis Theroux Interviews 9pm, BBC Two