Almost 200 men from Tottington who made the "ultimate sacrifice" have been remembered by primary school pupils.

The names of 181 men, who died in the first world war, have been proudly displayed and remembered by pupils from Tottington Primary School.

Bury Times: Tottington Primary School pupils

Using a list of names youngsters created and labelled peg soldiers before planting them in Gallipoli Gardens yesterday, Friday.

Year 5 pupil, Harry Lloyd, said: “It has taken us a few weeks and altogether we have made 181, I think I made around 35 of them.

“There were lots of people with the same name as me, like Harold or Harry.

“I do think it is a nice idea because someone might not know that person but now they have become famous because we can see their names and remember them”.

Bury Times: Tottington Primary School pupils

Pupil mentor Dawn Harrison came up with the idea after speaking with Rev Hugh Bearn.

Wanting to make a fitting tribute, she called on the help of pupils in after school club and the school council to create the peg soldiers and give them each a name of a soldier from Tottington who died in the First World War.

Bury Times: Tottington Primary School pupils

Natasha Brierley, the Y5/6 teacher and PSHE lead, said: “It’s just a really lovely way to show how our children are connecting with our community.

“Its really important for children understand why we wear poppies and the sacrifices that these men made.

Bury Times: Tottington Primary School pupils

“They have been so excited and loved doing it. Each peg soldier has been made differently with wool and different colours, it has been every engaging.”

The peg soldiers have been planted and are ready for the Remembrance Day service this weekend.

Bury Times: Tottington Primary School pupils

MP for Bury North James Daly said: “Mrs Harrison, although she is not on the photo we have taken, is the beating heart of this and has been able to do it thanks to the fantastic kids who are remembering Tottington’s fallen from many many years ago.

“It is only through the actions of these pupils that the memory of all the names of people here will be kept going forward here.

Bury Times: Tottington Primary School pupils

“This is an important part of our past, our future and we must do everything to make sure they are remembered for making the ultimate sacrifice for their country.”