A borough MP says "Bury deserves so much better" after changes at the top of the government were made this morning, Monday.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron has returned to government as Foreign Secretary and has accepted a peerage.

Lord Cameron will replace James Cleverly, who has been appointed as Home Secretary following the sacking of Suella Braverman.

The departure of Mrs Braverman came after a number of controversial comments including branding marches for Palestine “hate marches” and suggesting being homeless was a “lifestyle choice".

But Bury South MP Christian Wakeford is far from impressed following the announcement.

He said: "Rishi Sunak promised integrity, accountability, and professionalism when he entered Downing Street just over 12 months ago.

"David Cameron has shown no integrity when secretly lobbying government on behalf of his banker friends, he will have no accountability to MP's who will be unable to question him in the Lords over foreign policy. 

"A few weeks ago, Rishi Sunak said David Cameron was part of a failed status quo, now he’s bringing him back as his life raft.

"This puts to bed the Prime Minister's laughable claim to offer change from 13 years of Tory failure.

"Bury deserves so much better." 

Meanwhile, Bury Conservatives leader, Cllr Russell Bernstein has showed support of the decision.

He said "We need to see the appointment of Lord Cameron as Foreign Secretary in the context of the wider reshuffle by the Prime Minister of his top team, of one that will improve the overall delivery of the governments message within the Prime Minister's vision."

Following his appointment, Lord Cameron said it was a role he "gladly accepted", adding that he hoped his experience would assist in "helping the Prime Minister" meet "vital challenges".

He added: "We are facing a daunting set of international challenges, including the war in Ukraine and the crisis in the Middle East.

"At this time of profound global change, it has rarely been more important for this country to stand by our allies, strengthen our partnerships and make sure our voice is heard.

"While I have been out of front-line politics for the last seven years, I hope that my experience – as Conservative leader for eleven years and Prime Minister for six – will assist me in helping the Prime Minister to meet these vital challenges."